I've produced short-form documentary, breaking news, music videos, scripted content, recipes, non-profit campaigns, travel diaries, on-the-streets and, this one time, an interactive dance contest pilot.

I produced this interactive art piece for Election Night 2016, a giant puzzle tabulating real-time results of the electoral college.
For Harper Collins, I wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited this parody PSA for those struggling with a book hangover.
I went to New Orleans without a plan, called up this great cocktail bar and asked them to show me how to make some signature cocktails.
For Harper Collins, I produced, directed, shot and edited this three-part 'reality show' about Dorothy, the entitled, despotic ruler of Oz.
I asked a buncha cool smoking teens what they thought of a new smoking law in New York.
We created this wonderfully offbeat campaign for a needle exchange in the Bronx, with Santa handing out needles to a downtrodden addict. It even pissed off Rush Limbaugh.
For the New Yorker I directed and cut this music video about Gus, the depressed polar bear.
For Saveur we went to Miami in search of good coffee, and found a nice Cuban family to teach us how to make it.
Went to a topless protest in NYC and documented how its body-positive message turned into a looky-loo fest for creepos.
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Bernie or Bust-ers hit the Democratic National Convention
A food diary of a road trip through Spain
A showdown outside a Trump rally in Phoenix ends in teargas
In 2008, Sarah Palin supporters protested against David Letterman. I went to the protest to hear what they had to say for New York magazine.
Trump has a long history of defending the accused -- if they're white men.
A tequila crisis is brewing in Jalisco.
The Judiciary Committee votes to approve articles of impeachment against Trump
Love this one. In 2008, after Obama was elected, progressives had post-partem depression. What now? We witnessed a messy MoveOn meeting that devolved into mutiny.
Trump tries and fails to comfort two communities grieving from mass shootings
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