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Co-produced and co-directed dramatic readings of notable IMs and Gchats at Happy Ending Lounge and KGB Bar

SurfWaxy: do you love me?

She asks this innocently to herself, like it's an amusing question:

RACHS44: do i love you? 

SurfWaxy: do you

RACHS44: it’s hard to say

RACHS44: sometimes i do and other times i don’t

SurfWaxy: when don’t you?

SurfWaxy: did you love me last night?

SurfWaxy: rachel?

SurfWaxy: rachel

SurfWaxy: rachel what’s goin on

RACHS44: yes

RACHS44: and no

RACHS44: it’s hard to sa

RACHS44: say

SurfWaxy: why and why not?

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